We’re in May…already

Wow, somehow we are in the May, already; the Fenestration Industry has continued to boom and we have been fortunate indeed to be in one of the few industries that has been able, largely, to continue throughout the pandemic.  You sense that a more regular pattern of business will come into play once we are all finally released from lockdown and people can think again about holidays and other purchases rather than only spending money on home improvements.

A barometer of that change will come from mainstream TV advertising, when we see holiday companies and furniture stores among others taking up  the key  slots between the two halves of Coronation Street and other popular programmes, instead of the incessant bombardment we have had from fast food delivery platforms…and often adverts for products we wouldn’t normally expect see before the 9pm watershed??!

Let’s see how marketing reacts and starts to drive the economy as we come out of lockdown, stay well and let’s hope we can all return to some sort of normality soon.

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