Siegenia talks Room Comfort

Ventilation is about so much more than simply enabling the free flow of air around a room – it is about enabling the highest technical specification of products to deliver genuine room comfort.

Adrian Vicker General Manager of Siegenia takes up the story.  “We have been well known throughout Europe for many years for our ventilation solutions; but until recently were less well known here in the UK”.

“Siegenia is a very technical company, and our product development process across all of the sectors we operate in is driven by a very modern ethos of delivering ‘Room Comfort’.  We have long since abandoned the philosophy which many businesses have that people only upgrade the products in their buildings when it is necessary – we develop products which encourage people to upgrade because it radically improves their living conditions”.

“This is especially important in the Housing Association sector where resident care is a key driver for the landlords owning the properties”.

“In terms of achieving room comfort through ventilation Aeropac ® is one of these products.  It is an outstanding product which adds so much value for the resident – it is wall mounted, small and unobtrusive, it is quiet in operation and cost effective to run”. 

“It offers residents the cleanest air possible through the inclusion of active carbon filters which absorb all external emissions and prevents them coming into the room”.

“It is additionally supported by an acoustic filter system which prevents noise from penetrating the home – one of the big bug-bears with vents fitted through window frames or other less technical ventilation solutions”. 

“Finally, if required we can provide a wireless sensor which monitors air quality at all times to ensure that the environment in the home is kept at its optimum levels”.

“Aeropac® delivers an air change of 60m3 per hour and a constant 160m3 per hour of fresh, draught free fresh air”.

“As mentioned earlier we have used this product extensively in Europe and while we believed it would fulfil all the requirements required here in the UK for installation into Housing Association properties, we wanted to test it extensively first in the most realistic environment possible”.

“To do this we teamed up with Salford University to install, run, and monitor the performance of the ventilator.  The results were excellent and we launched the product to the market here in the UK fully confident that the claims we make on the test data sheets are reflected in the actual performance on site in true life conditions”.

“It is a product we have been looking to offer as a part of our range for some time, and the independent third party testing has given us a validation of the performance of the product which will help us to deliver a new approach to the market”.

“As Housing Associations look to improve the long term sustainable value of their assets and to deliver outstanding resident care, ours is a product and an approach which will deliver for them”.

“Achieving room comfort is a philosophy which all home-owners should be able to aspire to, and given the relative ease and low cost of achieving it through Siegenia Aeropac® we know that the Housing Association sector will embrace the opportunity”.

Adrian Vicker is General Manager of Siegenia in the UK Telephone 024 7662 2000