GQA appointed as sole provider of CSCS Cards for fenestration related

GQA has been appointed as the sole provider of CSCS cards for the fenestration sector following lengthy discussions with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

It is a major development for GQA, the fenestration industry’s qualifications writing and awarding body and is recognition of the relevance of the qualifications they issue to industry.

The arrangement comes following the Construction Leadership Council’s requirement of ensuring nationally recognised qualifications are in place for all construction related occupations. Speaking for GQA, CEO Mick Clayton announced the arrangement “it has been a lengthy process with CSCS to ensure – jointly – that we had everything in place to enable a smooth transition for the issuing of these most important skills certification cards.

“The number of contractors and employers who will allow a person on site without proof of competence is virtually nil. When you consider that the basis of getting a CSCS card is a formal industry related qualification based on National Occupational Standards, then it gives the whole scheme a real quality base”.

“GQA qualifications are all wholly industry relevant and that is why we are so delighted to have reached this agreement with CSCS.  It demonstrates the industry’s belief that the qualifications we have are entirely relevant to those who want to work on sites surveying or installing fenestration products, and it will help us to make the industry even more aware of how it can deliver even better quality to its customers through qualifications”.

“Our team are already incredibly busy issuing new GQA Q-cards, including the CSCS logo to those who need them, and explaining to new applicants what they need to do to achieve one”.

GQA has been writing industry qualifications for over 25 years and this new partnership with CSCS is a major step in GQAs push to provide the fenestration and related industries with real quality learning and assessment opportunities.

Mick continues “I would like to place on record my thanks to Gordon and the team at CSCS for working with us to ensure that this transition happens in a way which shouldn’t impact those who currently hold CSCS cards, or those who want to renew them or apply for them for the first time”.

“It has been a great case study in how a collaborative approach, to achieving Quality through Qualifications can deliver benefits for all parties”.

How does the new GQA CSCS Card work?

GQA’s existing Q Card is now a partner card to CSCS with the only change being the addition of the CSCS logo.  The Q card contains all the qualifications held by the card holder and is updated electronically when they achieve something else.

In terms of CSCS, GQA will issue temporary, trainee or full cards dependent on the status of the qualification held by the individual applicant.

Temporary cards are issued to experienced workers on proof that they have registered to undertake a relevant GQA qualification and completion of either the GQA Health and Safety test, or the CITB touch-screen test.  The applicant has 12 months to complete their qualification.  A full card can be requested on completion of the GQA qualification and is then valid for 5 years.

For those already holding a relevant GQA qualification it is a simple transition to the new card design.

For apprentices or new entrants to the industry, the same requirements apply but the card is valid for 2 years to enable the achievement of qualifications.

The new cards cost £30, and assessment and Health and Safety testing can be discussed with our UK-wide network of centres.

The new GQA CSCS Q-card covers all fenestration and glazing related occupations

All new applications should be applied for by calling GQA on 0114 2720033.

As part of the card renewal process CSCS will be reminding card holders of the steps to be taken to move across to the Q-card.

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