We are committed to helping you sell more doors

Richard Kirman National Sales and Marketing Manager for IG Doors revisits the company’s commitment to help their customers sell more doors.

It feels like yesterday that we first launched our Truedor range to the trade market. But as we all know time flies, and here we are in our fifth year. Much has changed in that time, particularly our product portfolio which has increased dramatically from what was an already excellent offering. Our range of door styles has increased significantly, our colour range is up there with that of any other company in the industry, and our glass and hardware choices provide a truly outstanding number of options.

We are also doing even more in support of one of the main things we said we would do at the outset – help our customers sell more doors.

We were clear at launch stage, that as customers changed from their existing suppliers to IG Doors, we would commit fully to helping them increase sales. Continually introducing new products is a big part of that of course and this has an obvious impact. But equally important is the influence that our product ambassador George Clarke has had on the market. Whether this is by talking directly to the consumer market, or by supporting trade installers with insightful information about the importance of installing a new door on the front of the home; how colour can impact appearance and make a statement about the personality of the homeowner; or talking about the importance of security, his influence is significant.

We know from talking to our customers that the information George provides is really useful to them on a practical level. It gives them a greater understanding of how homeowners think – what is important to them when it comes to buying a new front door.

Engaging with George was one of the first things we did, and we know there are tangible results from his work, to such an extent that our customers would not now want to be without the use of his imagery in their showrooms and in their brochures.

Based on this customer feedback, we have just completed a new 12-months’ stock of photography and new images of George for them to use commencing in January 2020. The opportunities for them, and for new customers coming to IG Doors to use this imagery to promote themselves are huge, and it is an exciting time ahead as we enter the new year with this further enhanced support package ready to roll out.

If you want to sell more doors, get in touch 01495 368 240 email trade@truedor.co.uk website truedor.co.uk