Truedor launches next generation of Door Designer

Truedor has launched the next generation of its Door Designer to help their installers in its partner programme increase sales leads and deliver an even more outstanding customer experience.

Commenting on the launch, Sales and Marketing Manager for Truedor Richard Kirman, said “This is a really exciting development for us”.

“Over the past couple of years, we have spent a lot of time developing and launching outstanding new door products, colour options, glass options and hardware choices, and they have made our range comparable with any on the market”.

“We have also developed our Truedor Partner Programme, an outstanding package designed to support our customers with their own sales, marketing, and growth plans”.

“Launching our next generation of Door Designer is the latest piece in the jigsaw, and we know it is going to have a really positive impact on our customers in how it will support them as they seek to generate leads.  This includes our new ‘My Truedor’ platform which allows customers to tap into their Door Designer, design doors, request quotes, and seek further information wherever they are, making the new version a true 24/7 sales lead generation tool”.

“The system includes the entire extensive Truedor product range and is synchronised live to Truedor’s main operating system so that all product selections are always fully up to date and available for customers to choose from.

“This feature is really clever, it is live and dynamic and will speed up the whole process significantly.  It will also save our trade installers a great deal of time and enable them to supply an even better overall customer experience than they already offer”. It is fully mobile responsive across all platforms”.  

“This is about Truedor recognising what customers expect as a buying experience from their suppliers; it is consistent with our goal of always wanting to be at the forefront of supplying the  best customer experience in the industry”.

“Other great developments include the new system being easier to integrate into any website platform or technology and being able to give customers the option of having their own fully branded version including the functionality to send personalised emails from the system direct to their customers”.

“Finally, the new system offers a range of pricing models and structures to be built into individual customer versions to give them the greatest flexibility and support as they seek to grow their businesses”.

“We are truly delighted to be launching our next generation of Door Designer, it has been a huge undertaking, and it is going to give our customers a real head start on the rest of the market”.