Supalite Roofs Awarded Corgi Fenestration Certification

Supalite Roof Systems has been awarded certification to the Corgi Fenestration Scheme. The scheme is designed to ensure continuous best practise is being used through an organisation’s Quality Management System.

As a leading manufacturer and systems company of tiled roofs, Supalite has continuously developed its management systems over many years. This factor played a significate part for Supalite’s application process, after being audited by Corgi Fenestration and passing with flying colours.

Supalite solid tiled roofing system sell direct to trade and through its network of fabricators. The Corgi Fenestration scheme was a perfect addition to the company’s portfolio of high-level manufacturing standards and only promotes further it commitment to ensuring it provides its customers with the highest level of quality products and support in selling them.

Steven Hacking, Supalite, Operations Director commented: “When we were introduced to Corgi Fenestration earlier this year, we knew the scheme was an ideal fit for our business and hopefully our fabricator network and further down the line our approved installers.

“Our fabricator network has been built on an understanding that our partners believe in quality, providing a superior product. Inclusion in the scheme, means we are the first manufacturer and supplier of solid tiled roof systems to be accepted.” Steven concluded.

As part of its commitment to ensuring the scheme benefits customers, Supalite has created a new internal role to provide support and guidance achieving the high level of auditing needed to be registered on the scheme. Alan Watters, Technical Director will oversee the introduction of the scheme to its fabricators.

The company aim to promote the benefits of the scheme via its website and marketing material over forthcoming months, signing up its growing number of recognised Approved Installer Network to take advantage of the schemes popular consumer branding.

For more information regarding Supalite’s solid roof system or how to become and an Approved Supalite Fabricator or approved installer, call 01772 828060 or go to