Siegenia has nearly 40 years of supplying TBT gear into the UK and still continues its programme of independent testing

General Manager for Siegenia in the UK Adrian Vicker has confirmed that the company is the first to achieve BBA accreditation on the latest design of Tilt and Turn hardware TITAN AF it supplies in the UK.

“Having supplied Tilt and Turn gearing into the UK for nearly 40 years now, everybody knows that Siegenia has an undoubted pedigree when it comes to developing and supplying quality hardware in the fenestration industry.  We have been here since the start, and our commitment to developing new products and most importantly to independently test those products is unwavering”.

“It is why, even after all this time, achieving BBA accreditation on our range is a really exciting development for us”.

“There is no better stamp of approval than to have independent and widely recognised test programmes associated with your products, and BBA certainly fits that bill.  To be the only system in the UK which carries this mark is just an added tick in the box given the rigorous nature of the testing that the product undergoes to achieve it”.

“Our vision has always been to constantly challenge the norm when it comes to product design and performance, and especially so when it comes to raising the quality and security of hardware”.

“It is an inescapable fact that security remains at the top of many people’s agendas even after all the years of product development, and we all need to keep pace with customer expectations in this area”.

“Siegenia products in the UK are arguably the most tested of all the hardware products in the market today, with PAS24 and Document Q compliance supported by Secured By Design and our new BBA accreditation”.

“These are quite literally signs of how seriously we take our commitment to ensuring that all our products perform as they are designed to do, and that only the best products enter the market from Siegenia.  Nothing less will do”.

“Over the past 20 years we have seen a proliferation of hardware suites being launched into the UK market which are manufactured in the Far East and Eastern Europe, and we continue to see it today.  There is nothing wrong with that of course, that is market forces at work, globalisation”.

“I do sometimes wonder how completely these systems are tested to ensure their suitability for use specifically in the UK however and how robust those supply chains are”?  

“We cannot escape the fact that we live in a volatile world, and for fabricators, knowing that their hardware comes from a stable and reliable source as it does with Siegenia is important”.