Siegenia is over 100 years old and has nearly 40 years supporting the industry in the UK – it can rightly claim to be a world-wide leader when it comes to hardware

But as General Manager for Siegenia in the UK Adrian Vicker explains, the company is not looking to rest on its laurels anytime soon.

“Siegenia has an undoubted pedigree when it comes to developing and supplying hardware in the fenestration industry. We have been here since the start, and our approach has never wavered”.

“Our vision is to constantly challenge the norm when it comes to product design and performance, especially so when it comes to raising the quality and security of hardware”.

“It is an inescapable fact that security remains at the top of many people’s agendas even after all the years of product development, and we all need to keep pace with customer demand in this area”.

“Siegenia’s undoubted ability to do just that is based on a total commitment to the technical development of products, and an equally robust programme of independent third-party testing”.

“Siegenia products in the UK are arguably the most tested of all the hardware products in the market today, with PAS24 and Document Q compliance supported by Secured By Design and BBA accreditation”.

“These are quite literally signs of how seriously we take our commitment to ensuring that all our products perform as they are designed to do, and that only the best products enter the market from Siegenia. Nothing less will do”.

“Over the past 20 years we have seen a proliferation of hardware suites being launched into the UK market which are manufactured in the Far East and Eastern Europe, and we continue to see it today. There is nothing wrong with that of course, that is market forces at work, globalisation”.

“I do sometimes wonder how completely these systems are tested to ensure their suitability for use specifically in the UK? Among other considerations, we have a unique climate in this country and it is important that products are tested with that in mind to ensure they remain fit purpose and able to function as designed in the long-term”.

“Our continued development of products is something of which we are rightly proud and our commitment to technical excellence in that process is unwavering. We have an extensive product range which has dedicated products for specific market sectors, our range for the Aluminium sector is as complete as that of any of our competitors, whether manufacturers want a more traditional system, or whether they are using products with a 16mm Eurogroove”.

“Regardless of their requirements, they will find with Siegenia that they have access to a complete, fully independently tested suite of hardware, and a technical back up service which is second to none”.

“Our technical team has vast experience and works hand in hand with our distributors to support their customers directly in their own factories, and through their own product testing cycle if they choose to go down that route”.

“It is a further investment from Siegenia that we continue to offer a highly specialised technical support team in the field working closely with our partners and their customers. It is a great vehicle for us which helps us to get direct feedback from the industry as to what market trends are, and what customer requirements are going to be in the future”.

“This information is invaluable to us when we are planning our next product developments, and helps us to ensure that everything we do is done with an eye on the future. We will continue to use the design process to raise the quality and security of hardware, and we will continue with our process of vigorous independent testing to ensure that when we bring new products to market we do so in the full knowledge that they are fit for purpose and will perform over the long-term”.

“Siegenia may be over 100 years old as a business, but our thinking is a modern today as when the company began”.