Latest opinions condemn wrap-over roofs

Replacement solid tiled roofs for conservatories are still a relatively new product.  It is estimated that there are over 4 million ‘traditional’ conservatories installed in the UK, and although it is booming as a sector, the supply of solid roofs has barely scratched the surface of this.

As such there is a limit to the amount of information available to homeowners looking to replace their existing conservatory roof and they need to be aware that there are product types in the market which do not necessarily meet all the criteria they should do.

I am particularly talking about ‘wrap-over’ roofs – where an installer will simply ‘wrap’ a new tiled roof over an existing conservatory roof installation.  They look for all the world as good as a full replacement, but there are inherent potential faults in the installation from day one.

Under Building Regulation guidelines all solid replacement roofs need to be submitted to the appropriate council authorities for approval and this entails the provision of structural calculations.

To simply fit a new roof on top of an existing structure is fraught with danger and can be subject to issues such as collapse and other significant performance failures.

It is something which really concerns us.  Ours is no different to any other industry – a product concept comes to market and the first thing that happens is that some suppliers try to find a cheaper way of providing what on the surface of it appears to be the same thing.

But it isn’t. The original conservatory will have been designed and manufactured to carry a certain weight-loading for the roof.  A ‘wrap-over’ roof installation adds to that weight – effectively the conservatory has two roofs, and it was never designed to do that from a structural point of view.

It is important that suppliers such as ourselves help to get the message out to home-owners who are potentially considering going down the wrap-over roof route.  It is not about Supalite, it is about the consumer, we need to make them aware of the potential pitfalls of buying a non-building regulations compliant roof.

The subject of Wrap-over roofs is something we are going to talk about more during FIT Show and we want to encourage all reputable suppliers in the industry to get the same message out to home-owners.

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