Latest Blog – “Oh, Mr Facebook what have you done………the end for social media?”

Okay, I am of an age where I have never been able to understand the headlong rush pursued by some people to put all their personal information into a social media platform – doesn’t matter which one really, it is the concept of it.

I think many people are generally more guarded about who they share their with, and the new GDPR legislation coming in May 2018 is certainly going to provide some protection for those who have given their information freely and in a spirit of trust, only to be taken advantage of by businesses with their own agendas.

But in the meantime, we have Facebook…. oh dear, all hell seems to have let loose with them – should I say allegedly? – using people’s data for their own somewhat questionable ends. My own view is that what they have done with people’s data is not a surprise – it shouldn’t be anyway. The surprise is that anyone is surprised!

There have been enough fictional TV series ‘indicating’ that data from Facebook can be and has been manipulated and used for purposes other than what it was intended for to make everybody aware – the great American political drama House Of Cards springs to mind, and of course the other great American political fictional drama, Donald Trump’s election….this is fiction right???

No, nobody should be surprised, but no amount of fines will make Facebook, or other similarly motivated bodies, stop what they are doing. They have too much money and are unregulated.

We are finally though in a phase where people are starting to question these organisations and maybe, coupled to new data legislation, people will be less free and easy with their information.

Marketing is not helped by scandals such as this, or the obsession with ‘fake news’ which everybody is banging on about and which apparently has been proliferated on social media. Well here’s some not fake news – it has never been any different. Just because its easier to publish a story doesn’t make ‘being economic with the truth’ is a new concept….in fact there is a great old saying, ‘don’t let detail spoil a good story’, and newspapers, magazines, TV, radio – you name it, have always enjoyed the opportunity.

What I hope as an outcome of Facebook suffering reputation damage, is that social media generally will start to recede in the level of importance and prominence that people attach to it as a marketing tool. There have been too many people willing to think that social media is the ‘only’ means of marketing, whereas in reality it is and always was only ever a part of the marketing mix.

Let’s hope we are at a new beginning for social media, and its place as a legitimate marketing tool can be used to it fullest potential, instead of it being abused beyond its true potential! #socialmedia #marketing

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