Latest Blog – Are Christmas ads the worst example of companies losing sight of the point of advertising?

The point of an advert is to let people know who you are and what you are selling…

…Or so I thought. But looking at this years Christmas advertising offerings from the main supermarkets you would be hard pushed to know what on earth was going on, and which supermarkets/retail giants were advertising.

There has been a trend in recent years for the big players to go with a conceptual advert

My particular favourite in recent years was the Sainsbury’s Christmas Day football game during WW1, with the simple branding on a bar of chocolate exchanged between two fighting foes being the only means of knowing which company it was from. Everybody has their own favourites of course.

This year however they seem to have gone another step and I for one – with the possible exception of the Amazon one, and that because of the great backing track – couldn’t really tell you which was which.

It is also a trend which has been prevalent amongst insurance companies particularly (and others) in recent years – Meerkats, Opera Singers (bad opera singers mind!), where the ‘gimmick’ of the advert has taken over the message, and indeed the company that is supposed to be promoting itself. To this day I couldn’t tell you what the Meerkats are promotion…is it free Cinema tickets or something?

The message to our industry is this – keep your advertising really simple, concise and to the point, and make it absolutely clear to the potential customer who you are, and what you are offering.

Your name and/or your brand are critical to creating long term customer awareness, don’t hide those away, spout them loudly and proudly.

Keep your message focussed and to the point – our industry doesn’t have the budgets to ‘speculate’ with frivolous conceptual adverts, which if I am anything to go by, don’t work in any case.

For a bit of fun this month, click on the links below to see some of the more well-known Christmas adverts of the recent past


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