High Security Cylinders for Truedor

Truedor is now available with the UAP Kinetica Kitemarked high security 3* Cylinder.  This Secured by Design approved cylinder offers a range of new features which enhances the security of Truedor even further.

The cylinder is designed and tested to ensure that if it is attacked from the outside it can still be opened from inside, ensuring that the door will continue to be secure and safe to use and will function as normal for the homeowner.

Key features include:


The cylinder has a anti snap cut, so when force is applied to the end, the cylinder will break away to the anti-snap line only, leaving the remaining cylinder operational and the locking mechanism intact.


The cylinder has a unique and patented anti-bump system which does not use trap pins. This system makes the turning of the cylinder key extra smooth.


7 x hardened steel anti-drill pins are in each side of the cylinder. Plus all moving pins are nickel plated hardened steel 50 HRC minimum.


Minimum of 3 anti-pick pins in each side of the cylinder makes it extremely difficult for a common burglar to pick the cylinder.

Anti-tilt mechanism

In normal anti-snap cylinders once a cylinder is snapped at the outside end, the inner section is heavier and will tilt allowing the burglar a small gap to gain access to the bolt. With the UAP Kinetica 3* cylinder this is prevented.

Keyed alike option

The cylinder is also available in a keyed-alike or master-suite option for customers wanting a single key design.


The cylinder is tested to EN1303:2005

Speaking for Truedor, Sales and Marketing Manager Richard Kirman commented “We are really delighted to be able to offer this cylinder to our trade customers.  Our design and technical teams are continually looking at how we can improve the Truedor product even further, and this new security feature is the latest part of that process”.

“There are a great many technical features in the cylinder, but the bottom line is that it is even more secure than many other products on the market, whilst crucially giving the consumer peace of mind that in the event of attack their doors will remain secure and fully operational – this is a big plus point for me”.

“As a separate point, the cylinder is also available in a keyed-alike or master-suite option, which gives us another USP for our customers”.

For more information www.truedor.co.uk 01633 627 190