GQA launches Quality through Qualifications

GQA play an integral part of the newly announced CORGI Fenestration Scheme as well as the offerings delivered by Assure and Stroma.  

Mick tells us about their newly announced mission statement for the industry ‘Quality through Qualifications’ which they will be promoting to employers and Approved Installer Scheme managers in the industry.

The importance attached to being qualified to carry out a trade has grown significantly in the eyes of customers across all sectors of the industry.

As a qualifications writing and awarding body GQA has seen this first hand; with this in mind, we have developed a set of principles which employers or Approved Installer Scheme managers in the window and door industry who are looking to deliver a higher and more consistent level of quality to their customers may wish to embrace.

‘Quality through Qualifications’ is not a scheme; it is in essence a mission statement –  a philosophy for businesses who believe in quality, to champion throughout their organisations.

Adopting these principles can give businesses a set of foundations to build the skills onto which will help them enhance their offering in the marketplace by being able to deliver a consistent level of quality – both product and service – and thereby improve the overall experience of their customers.  

After all, the investment made by customers is likely to be significant and an assurance of quality is the least they should expect.

Enabling Consistency

‘Quality Through Qualifications’ is designed to enable consistency in all processes and activities within a business, and offer assurances to customers that the manufacture, survey and installation of window, door and conservatory products is undertaken only by qualified tradespeople or those who are registered and working towards a qualification.

We believe this will give customers confidence that the products and services they are purchasing are of the highest quality, and that the work being carried out in their homes or at their premises is being done so by people who are suitably qualified to do so.

‘Quality through Qualifications’ will help to ensure that companies operating in the window, door and conservatory industry are able to offer a structured approach to the continued development of the skills, knowledge and behaviours of those employed in it, which in turn will provide assurances to their customers.

Quality through Qualifications for the delivery of outstanding products and service

Qualified People

Those companies that embrace the principles agree that apprentices, fabricators, installers, surveyors and maintenance engineers who form a part of their individual workforce are GQA qualified or must be working towards achieving a GQA qualification.

Product Quality

All manufactured products will comply with general industry and specific manufacturer’s guidance and comply with all current regulation.

Product Installation

All products will be installed to comply with the recommendations of the product manufacturer and in line with all current Building Regulations and legislation.

Training Plan

All those who share the principles subscribe to the vision that all those working for them, or those who form a part of an individual scheme (if an Approved Installer Scheme), must be a part of an on-going CPD training programme where skills and knowledge of products and appropriate Building Regulations and legislation are updated on a regular basis.

Customer Confidence

Qualified trades people will help to provide assurance that the customer experience of the window, door and conservatory industry is a professional one which provides safeguards and shows respect for them through all stages of the process from survey and installation, to completion and after sales services.

What benefits will adopting these principles deliver?

The immediate benefit for all companies is that they can give an assurance to those buying their products – retail, trade or commercial – that they are of the highest quality, and for installers who embrace the principles that they are qualified and competent to carry out the works. Others may not be able to give the same assurances.

Better understanding of products and process leads to less call backs and rectifications – leading to the opportunity for more recommendations and repeat business based on a great reputation.

Having a training and assessment plan will ensure that everybody in the process benefits from regular updates about Building Regulations and legislation changes which affect the industry, and that they will be fully up-to-date with the knowledge they need to have to carry out their day to day job.

Further information

“Quality through Qualifications” is a mission, if it is something which you would like to discuss further please get in touch with GQA Qualifications via 01142 720033 or