Encouraging that the importance of social housing is being more widely recognised

IG Doors has been supplying its range of high security, thermally efficient composite doors to social housing landlords for over 35 years, giving it an almost unrivalled pedigree in the sector.

Richard Dasent talks about the company’s ongoing commitment to social housing.

“I think for those of us who have been around the sector for a long time, there is a clear understanding that social housing is about so much more than just the provision of a place to live for those not in a position to buy their own property”.

“Of course, that’s at its core, but properly planned built and maintained social housing developments contribute much to the stability of the wider infrastructure in our communities, and the investment that building and regeneration programmes brings plays a major part in creating a dynamic economy”.

“It’s been this way for over 100 years, since the Addison Act of 1919, but over lengthy periods investment in social housing has been the first thing to be cut when the economy has gone into decline. At times like these and without investment social housing begins to fail. It fails to provide the necessary homes to meet the needs of the population, and it fails on a social level as well. Good social housing provision is critical to the wider well-being of society”.

“There is encouragement that this is being more widely recognised; in the build up to the recent General Election it was noticeable that all parties had ‘housing’ high on their agendas as something to address, and there was more talk about social housing being a major part of this than there had been for a long time. The population continues to grow, and the provision of housing – whether social or private has not kept pace with demand. I am among those who hope that social housing landlords will be able to play a bigger part in addressing the shortfall going forward”.
“As a supplier to the social housing sector for over 35 years, I cannot escape the thought that our doors have been installed for a truly significant part of its history, and I am sure that this will continue into the future”.

“We have always and continue today to enhance our doors to ensure they are fully fit for purpose as products to be installed into social housing. They are highly thermally efficient; at this time of the year especially it is difficult not to think about fuel poverty, but installing composite doors into people’s homes alongside other measures goes a long way to eradicating this as a challenge, as well as providing a positive impact when thinking about the environment and the wider climate emergency, and reducing the consumption of energy”.

“Similarly, we cannot escape the fact that crime has been on the increase again in recent years, so installing the highest security products reduces the fear of break in for everybody, and especially those living in the most challenging areas. The installation of composite doors has been proven over many years to be a deterrent to unwanted intruders, especially those doors which meet the Secured by Design and other accreditation standards”.
“The installation of composite doors also has a positive impact on how our streets look. The vastly enhanced range of styles, colours and glass selections that social housing providers now have access to enables them to create desirable living areas for their residents which differ little from private housing, and we are proud to champion a product which contributes to this, in addition to having a positive impact on the other issues such as fuel poverty and fears about security”.

“IG Doors has supplied many of the leading social housing providers in the north of England, and we continue to work with clients to find the best solutions for their needs”.

“Our commitment to the social housing sector is unwavering and we look forward to continuing to be a part of it and the positive role it plays in society”.

Richard Dasent heads up IG Doors Social Housing Division

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