Courtesy and Respect a key driver

“Courtesy and Respect is one of a number of phrases we developed a few years ago to underpin our core values” says Tristan Cooke, Managing Director of Mila Maintenance and Installation.

“It was part of a series of key mission statements we wanted to use in our business as a means of developing a culture which matched the expectations of the people we worked with and for in the repairs and maintenance sector, and now also in the field of window and door installation since we have widened our product offering”.

“The realisation that it has really been embraced by all our employees is reflected in the number of times the words appear in feedback we get from the residents in whose homes we work, and it makes me really proud of the team we have”.

“Showing Courtesy and Respect is so important – we must always remember we are guests in a resident’s home, and it is really pleasing to see in their feedback that they recognise it is something which is as important to us as it is to them”.

“We have always been really open in showing our independently gathered resident feedback, you can see it here.