Clem Atlee Estate

Working with Mitie Construction Mila Window and Door Maintenance has installed 176 Sentry Fire Doors for residents at Jim Griffiths and Tom Williams Houses on the Clem Attlee Estate in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.  The FD30 Sentry Fire Doors specified by the client were installed over a 12-week period.

Speaking for Mila Window and Door Maintenance, Business Development Manager Will Chan spoke about the contract “We were delighted to be appointed to be the installation partner for this fire door contract”.

“Our site supervisors are fully certificated by BM Trada to oversee the installation of these highly specialised products and our skills and experience were an important factor in the contractor choosing us to carry out the works”.

Contract Manager Dean Bradford continued “It is a contract where we were able to demonstrate both our technical skills, and the lengths we go to to ensure that the residents are our first priority in terms of service and care”.

“The installation of fire doors is obviously a very serious measure so it was important that we explained fully to the residents everything we would be doing and how the doors operated, so that they could ensure they operatet as they should do once we had left the site”.  

“It was also nice to see that they had input into the colour of the doors that were installed through a resident’s choice ballot, before the most popular colour was chosen for installation throughout the site.  Often fire doors are seen as purely ‘functional’ products but the reality is that they are available in a wide range of colours in much the same way as any other door type, so not only did they have a full part to play in determining their safety, but also the aesthetic appearance of their homes as well”.

“It was a great site to work on and the residents are obviously happy to have new safety and security measures installed into their homes.  We were able to ensure that the installation did not damage their decoration or services too, so all in all it was a really positive experience for all concerned”.

Speaking for the Mitie Phil Hoptroff reinforced the positive way in which the site had been managed “I can honestly say this is one of the best managed sites I have been on in all the years I have been involved with Fire Safety upgrades”.

“Mila Window and Door Maintenance clearly understood the importance of the works and their specialist nature, their site management, communication, attention to the needs of the residents, and quality of installation were first class”.

Site Manager for Mitie Terry Jones reinforced the point “The professional nature of the work that Mila Window and Door Maintenance has produced on site is outstanding”.

“The information that they brought to site from start to finish was exceptional and the information relayed to the tenants has helped in securing full after care knowledge”. 

“This scheme was operated to a strict programme, and this was adhered to at all times, and the quality of the door installation was of the highest standard”.

“Mila Window and Door Maintenance’s adaptability to meet the program was first class. The residents have appreciated their presence on site and their attitude in going above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate their needs as residents of Clem Attlee Estate”.