Chris Globe

Chris Globe


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Having joined Rehau as a ‘summer job’ in 1985 after leaving University Chris has remained in the industry ever since.  He describes it as a dynamic industry full of entrepreneurs with ideas in abundance and an energy which never ceases, in spite of the many challenges it has faced over the years.

He sees a bright future for the industry with more and more technical products coming into play and a never-ending desire to innovate and launch even better products than already exist.

His pet hate is ‘industry knockers’, those who dismiss it as ‘the double-glazing industry’ and he is a passionate believer in promoting all that is good about the industry.

After working at Rehau he worked at Bowater Halo (latterly WHS Halo) for 19 years before a spell at Eurocell before launching Inside The Box Marketing in 2011.  He describes his time at WHS Halo as the best education anybody could have, working for a company which set out to lead the industry and challenge the norms of the time in terms of product development, marketing, and customer service.

Inside The Box Marketing is dedicated to the industry and the people within it.  It aims to help businesses who have great innovative products and outstanding service offerings to gain market share over their direct competitors.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of the business Chris is a passionate football fan, and as a true Mancunian is a life-long supporter from the blue half of the city.  In recent years he has become involved in the campaign to support the protection of the Bee population in the UK.  The Bee population is a victim of modern living, with radio masts, the use of pesticides, and mono-culture farming destroying their natural way of living.  

It is still barely understood that if the Bee population continues to decline there will be no natural pollinators in the UK to support the growth of fruit and vegetables.  It was this interest which led Inside The Box Marketing to get involved with the only product they support outside of the window industry. promotes raised garden planters to encourage people to plant their own food-stuffs and to grow plants for pollinators. It is a campaign that Inside The Box Marketing is helping to promote in schools and within urban locations.