An Introduction to Inside The Box Marketing

2022 will hopefully mark the end of the pandemic which has hung over us for two years, inspite of which the industry has continued to flourish and to innovate great new products and services.

I know most of the clients we are so proud to work with fall into that category bringing to market the latest ideas and innovations, and doing their bit to make out industry the place to be.

I want to draw particular attention to Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration, Glass and Glazing a Career of Choice.  It’s core purpose is simple – to attract new young talent to the industry, and it is working hard on so many fronts to try to do that. But it is also an opportunity for everybody in the industry to get behind, to do their bit to support the campaign to make our great industry a career of choice for those at the outset of their working life, or those who want to make changes to their careers.  Let’s try and make a real difference in 2022.

Best wishes,


Chris Globe – Director

07429 103925